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In the era of web technology, we are an Unique Designing and Development Team sworn to serve our customers with the best solution for there needs.

During the technology revolution, the country like India is now stepping into the Technological Hub of the world in coming future. And we can say proudly our company Pikxia is part of that revolution by creating possibilities to create digital India with the creative spirit of our team with qualities like web designing, development, digital marketing, Graphics and Photography. The time came when we stop going outside for our needs where our Home country have all the solutions.

We started our journey in the year 2013 and till now we successfully managed to satisfy our customers with our best abilities. We never believe in one country or one religion. We are the Team Pikxia invites people from all the corner of world, to join us and make history with us. We expect your valuable time and together we can make possible the globalization of technology with affordable price and honesty.

Beyond our work Team Pikxia also think and care about nature and the future of Earth. In the Year 2018 we are going to lunch We care which will be a small step for mankind but we can make it large together. We care is all about our care about nature. We all together start taking care of our Planet with sharing our ideas and make that possible by implementation. After all there is no value of Money, Development or Civilization if there is no Life on Earth...


To provide you the best web solution is our primary Mission. We aim at helping you to create the ultimate website which will offer you versatility and take your business to the next level. In the era of E-Revolution we can take you to the highest level of success which you deserves. Along with your Success, Pikxia aims to give some of its time and effort for our planet. During the years, Our planet is passing through some serious problems which is unnoticed hence we who are up to technology revolution also responsible for green revolution coz this is our planet and WE CARE for it.

Mission we care

Satisfying all you web service needs so that you can achieve your deserved success and position of your business is our Vision. We are not up to create millions of Dollars per annum or creating 100s of Clients per year, our vision is to touch hearts of all existing clients and to make some new one with whom we can maintain lifetime relationship. We don’t believe in heavenly talks, we rather like to create the best we can and take advice from our clients to make it better. Also the Vision of Pikxia is by 2020, with the help of all of our client’s across the globe to plant One Billion Tress all over the world.

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We Care

We care is all about our care for our mother nature. Team Pikxia is calling all the people of Earth to join us and share your ideas to make her Green and pure. We expect all kind of organization to join us and help us to make this world a better place. In the name Technology Revolution, we are destroying our habitat. If we are not doing something about it now, then we will have no answers for our future generations. So let’s behave as one team try our best to protect our Earth. There is no Value of Technology if your future can't breathe pure air, can't eat pure food, can't drink pure water.

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We use letest HTML5 scripts for designing the UI with letest CSS3 architechure.


We deliver impressive and workable cakePHP solution


The best and user friendly open-source content management system based on PHP.


This is a process to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic.


.NET Framework is a software framework by Microsoft used to create high secure back-end coding.

Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services from Adobe Systems graphic design, video editing, web development.

No More Frustration !

Our team can guide you and give you the best suggestion for making your business online.

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Very Creative Approach and excilent on-time Service

Director - Delusion Glass

client Very creative and dedicated team capable of on time project delivery.

Dayanand Ratho
CEO - Cyber Wizard

client A perfect solution for Graphic Design requirements. The team is very professional.

Sales Head - Superprofs
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